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Our assortment for wholesale is mainly  berry bushes & plants, fruit trees, perennials, shrubs, trees in various sizes and ages.

The nursery has a very large assortment of large & older trees (10-20 years) that are especially suited for towns and municipalities that need trees that have the size and age that immediately gives them the function they were intended for. Big trees are also not as sensitive to the wear and tear which is normal at public places.


We have been serving other garden centers, plant shops, landscapers, towns and municipalities in Finland for over 30 years and even some export to the other Nordic countries.

The nursery has specialized in hardy plants for Finnish and the Nordic climate. We have the most comprehensive assortment of plants that are suited for Finland including northern Finland, Sweden and Lapland. We grow most of the plants ourselves but buy certain plants from Denmark and Holland that would take too long to grow to a sales size in our climate. But wherever the plants are grown the Nursery have during the last 30 years tested out the hardiest plants that survive our cold winters and has shown to thrive in our special climate with short season, long summer nights and cold winters.