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The main business of the company is to grow plants for landscapers, towns, municipalities and garden centers in Finland. The nursery is actively growing plants on 20 hectares (=50 acres)  and has growing houses of about 1000m2. Every year we start a new set of plants from seeds or cuttings. After 2- 3 years, depending on plants, we take them up in the autumn,  sort, cut & prepare them and put in the cold storage over the winter to be ready for sale in the following spring. We grow most of our plants ourselves but have chosen to buy some of our plants from Denmark or Holland, reason being that they grow much faster there and we would not be able to produce them for the same cost in Finland.  In the nursery we have for the last 30 years been experimenting with lots of different plants and thereby learned which types of plants survive the winter and which ones thrive in our climate with a fairly short season, long summer days and cold winters.

The plants can be delivered as bare-root, in a pots or with a soil-bag around the root dependent on the choice of the customer. We have about 2 hectares (=5 acres)  reserved for growing pot plants. Many garden Centers prefer potted plant as they are easier to handle while the bare root is the most economical option for landscapers that plat the plants immediately. On about 5 hectares (12 acres)  we grow trees. Especially large trees can be a challenge to handle, but the nursery has invested in special machines to handle the trees and can therefore extract the trees from the ground with a high quality soil-bag.