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After you have planted your plants in a limed, lightly fertilized and well-drained soil you probably do not have to do anything for the first years. Be careful with fertilizers when the plant is newly planted because too much fertilizer might burn the roots and kill the plant. Carefully you can add a table spoon of fertilizer and add some lime after a few years.

After you have cleaned the ground from possible weeds you can cover the ground between the plants with bark chips. Below the bark chips we recommend that you can put old newspaper or something else that do not allow the weeds to grow.

The trunk of young trees, and especially fruit trees, should be protected from rabbits several years when the bark is still soft and delicious.

Pruning of trees is recommended only after a few years when you see how the plants are developing. Hedgerows and roses you might like to cut after the first year to make sure you get them dense enough from the ground.

We are glad to give you the maintenance advice for the plants you have purchased.