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Garden Center

Welcome to our Garden Center 42km south of Vaasa next to highway 8. The Garden Center is packed with all the scrubs, trees, perennials you can think of.
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The plants which we store in sandboxes are either in pots or balled in a wirebasket which makes it easy for you to choose the one you like most. The Garden Center has a huge variety of plants especially chosen for the Ostrobothnia/ middle Finland climate (Zone 3-4). (More about hardy zones)   We also have interesting plants for slightly warmer hardy zones found in southern Finland (Zone 1-2). These plants can survive the winter and even thrive in zone 3 with a bit of preparation & protection like choosing a wind protected and arranging some kind of frost protection for the coldest winter days.


Map of the Garden Center

To plan and plant your own garden is not difficult. Anyone can do it with a bit of advice. Our gardeners are available to give you the advice and support you might need. We give you a full guarantee for all our plants that they will continue to thrive & grow as long as they got plenty of water when planted.

In the Garden Center we normally sell scrubs of age 2-5 years (About 20- 100 cm) and trees of age 5-10 years ( 1- 3m high). Larger and older trees (10- 20 years old) are also available from our fields, but has to be ordered a few days in advance.

Hedgerow plants (bare-rooted) are available from our cold storage the whole spring season and then again in the autumn season.


Other things for your garden!bark

Besides plants, you will also find mulch/soil, fertilizer, bark chips, and all kinds of gardening tools you need for planting and maintaining your garden. Below you find some of the suppliers for what we have in our store.

Decoration stones, gravel & sand, fertilizers, peat, soil:   Kekkilä
Fertilizers, Soil (Biolan):           Biolan
Fertilizer, Bark chips, soil (Greencare):       Greencare

statyWe have a large assortment of garden statues, fountains, garden water pumps, basins and ornaments, garden ponds and plastic/rubber to build your own ponds. Some of our products you can see from the suppliers below.

Ponds:   Heissner
Ponds, Basins, Pumps, Water ornaments: Ubbink och Ogashi
Garden Statues and Fountains: Anebypark

Other products you can find are seeds, pots, slate tiles, decoration gravel & sand, plastic cover (ag plastics) for strawberry fields, various herbicides (weed killers) and pesticides.

We hope to see you in Pörtom this year (again)!